A team of talented visuals artists together.

We have been drawing ever since the skills were developed as a small toddler. We come up with clear, intelligible images for all eyes and have already defaced many papers, windows, posters, walls. We make visualizations for online, print and meetings and like to enthuse others to spread the power of images.

We love drawing together, humor and being meaningful in a quirky way. We don’t draw just because we love it. We are also very visually inclined to let everything speak to the imagination and eager to learn when it comes to information processing.

Sometimes we are a wallflower, sometimes a louse in the fur, but we don’t flinch when we are allowed to be in the foreground.

We have made our passion our profession

The drawing and listening skills connect us to open-minded entrepreneurs, each with their own specialism. We count a brand strategist, comic artist, illustrator, multimedia designer, higher education design teacher and creativity trainer. This allows us to provide visual support at various levels. We are happy to think along with you about how you can appeal to the imagination.

We have a team of visual artists ready for you, each with their own talent and character. What we have in common is: we are all skilled illustrators.


Live artist with a graphic background who can dive into your company culture and mold the visual report entirely in the style of your identity.


Live artist who has different characteristic drawing styles and who can even bring a visual report to life with brushes in a mural.


Live artist who is great at cartoon drawing and hand lettering to complete the visual report into a valuable illustration. A lot of patience and focus on long-term projects.

ROB ✏︎

Live artist with strong storytelling skills. His work can be recognized by his comic style with a serious undertone. A fast visual thinker for complex challenges.


Live artist who creates new perspectives with her imagination and listening skills. Speaks several languages. She prefers to learn something new every day and draws with a range of different materials.


Live artist who keeps the process on track with her spot-on conversational skills. In her work she looks for the smart translation. Affinity with strategy, complexity and data.


We like to work with artists and adjust them to your wishes and company culture.

We like to work together from different sectors. During each challenge we fit a visual report within the drawing frameworks of each client.






We have a team of illustrators ready for you, each with their own talent and character.




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