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2College has asked Visueeltjes to do a graphic recording at their secundary school Cobbenhagen Lyceum with a live stream from the big screen during the kick-off of 2College. In a two-and-a-half-hour program about ‘reducing inequality’, divided into two groups of ages, various speakers shared their topic. The students were challenged to think about how they could contribute to this theme. The purpose of the visualization is to increase the concentration among the students during the kick-off, in addition, it is used afterwards to communicate the message again as a nice reminder.

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2College Cobbenhagen lyceum

Graphic Recording

The end result of the visual report consists of two total overviews for the substructure (part 1) and for the superstructure (part 2). The overview is divided into the present speakers with their own themes in equality such as: gender, feminism, disabled, origin, religion, skin color etc. The questions from the audience to the speakers are grouped under the relevant topic. In addition, there is a separate section of personal stories that the students themselves came up with. The colors that 2College already worked with have been taken into account.
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