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Deltares has asked Visueeltjes to visualize during a kick-off meeting in front of all those present at Deltares. In a two-day program, those present are challenged to start with the REACHOUT project. In the theme of climate change as part of European Commission in english language. The purpose of the meeting is on the one hand to make connections between the people and the cities, and on the other to delve deeper into the project.

Visual ambassador


Graphic recording

The end result consists of two visual reports for the two parts of the program. The complex matter and processes in the REACH OUT project. On the second plate, seven large talking clouds have been designed in which the earth is central. These are the pitches of all participating cities with what they notice about climate change in their city and surroundings and what they have developed so far for climate adaptation. The main colors are green, dark green and red which are used in the communication for the project.

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