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OKT Amsterdam has asked Visueeltjes to design visualisations at OKT Amsterdam. Together with 18 other organisations, they recently made new working arrangements in the Amsterdam Amstelland youth care system. The purpose of the visualisation is as inspiration and guidance for professionals in the youth domain, to have a conversation: How do we work together and what does that mean concretely for my actions? Created by core partners, referrers and municipalities together.

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OKT Amsterdam


The visualization is delivered as a three-page document. The first page shows the mutual partnerships and the private pillars, the second page visualizes the new working agreements in the form of a Roadmap for Specialist Youth Care and the third page shows an overview of partners and ‘tables’ in Amsterdam DUO. Top left is the core topic. The reading direction is from top left to bottom right. A distinction has been made between the parties by drawing the professionals in the colors grey, red and blue. The document has been printed and used digitally to distribute the information and explanations among the professionals.

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