✏︎ PRICE – Circulaire economie

PRICE – Circular economy has asked Visueeltjes for graphic recording during the meeting in front of all those present. In the program, the attendees are challenged to think about themes within the circular economy of Flevoland and the attendees are divided into five break-out sessions. The goal of the break-out sessions is to connect and to get concrete input to take action. This is done in a hybrid way, which means that one artist also participated online via his tablet.

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PRICE – Circulaire economie

Graphic recording

The end result is shaped per break-out session with the findings in the colors and shapes of PRICE. Therefore there were five live draftsmen/illustrators who drew on an A2 paper and there were five visual reports. The proceeds will be used in further communication for the development of a circular economy within Flevoland.

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