We believe that information makes a stronger impact on us by adding visualizations to it that we all recognize. Visual reporting is an illustrative performance that emplifies a meeting or conference by ‘live’ visually summarizing the information communicated during these events in front of all attendees.


The mural explains your company story in a very large format. For example where your company started up to now. Or introduce your visitors to your company before you have spoken a single word. We provide our own materials and use durable paint. In advance we provide a sketch of what can be created on your wall. The choice of image and color is in line with your corporate design.


We visualize your communication into an understandable visual explanation and can deliver this in the desired printed matter. We think along with you on the most convenient way to communicate your message.


If you lack a clear approach or the image, when distributing your online communication, we visualize. Ideal for online content on company websites, social media, presentations and livestream lectures.


A story, your knowledge, a presentation, new business goals or important data that you want others to understand and remember.


We will go deeper into the context and what message you want to send with the visualization in order to determine some style elements together.


We always send a sketch first and ask for additional input where necessary. We then draw the visualizations for use in media.


You will receive the visualizations in the desired media. We think along with you about which different multimedia channels you can communicate your message to.


MURAL ✏︎ at Gastronomixs

Gastronomixs has asked Visueeltjes to design and elaborate a mural in honor of the new building in Waalwijk. The mural should present Gastronomixs and appeal to the creativity of chefs. In addition, a showpiece in the new building to welcome their guests and partners.

PRINT ✏︎ at Cubiss Logistic

Cubiss has asked Visueeltjes to create a visual story that shows in one overview what they do in the field of logistics. The visualization is added in a brochure to the boxes supplied with the libraries to visually support their service.

DIGITAL ✏︎ at Klantgericht Verbeteren

Customer-oriented Improvement has asked Visueeltjes to make a visual story of Customer-oriented Improvement that shows in one overview what they do. The website has recently been sharpened textually and they are looking for a modern way to be remembered by their target group. The purpose of this visual translation is to inform and enthuse the target group about what they do.

If you still have questions, read some frequently asked questions here. We are of course also happy to answer your questions by telephone.

You can of course book us for half an hour or an hour. However, we charge this 2 hours, as a starting rate. In addition to reporting, a visual note-taker has also invested time in travel and preparation. We hope to support our draftsmen in this as well as possible.

Please let us know the date of your event so we can check our availability. You can do this by telephone, or you can fill in your application details via the application form. We will try to respond to you as soon as possible. It is rare that we do not have a draftsman available for your specified date. You can choose from a team of visual note takers.

Our prices do not include travel costs and printing costs. As soon as we know the location, we can also include the travel costs in the price on request and then send the quote. With the above prices we hope to give you an idea.


What do you want to use visual reporting for? Submit your case to us. Fill out our application form using the button below:




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